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The Rungta Software Solutions has been providing Quality IT solutions for various Government Organizations like Indian Railways, Indian Accounts & Audit. Our core strength lies in turnkey solutions. We offer customized software development, e-solutions, IT consultancy and IT Training. Our development team has more than 5 Man Years of IT experience

Some of these are at Indian Railways, Colleges, Educational Management in Schools also providing corporate training at RTI(IA&AD) office, AGOffice etc, we Provide quality & experienced trainer to ensure quality education & our motive is "PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT" in computer education

Our Values
Rungta Software Solutions intends to prove its worthiness as a reliable supplier and its ability to deliver value to your company and its various affiliates.
Customer Service
Web Development, App Development, Corporate Training, Data handling.
NCR GM Inaugurated Projects
Inspection Monitoring & Management System, Highlights Management System, Library Management System, NCR Railnet website, SAG Training.
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Our Commitment
The Rungta Software Solutions, is one of the youngest and fasters growing solution provider in the field of IT solutions activities
Service Tax Registration
The Rungta Software Solutions, is registered under Service Tax as AKPPR3321LSD001

Inspection Monitoring & Management System of North Central Railways, Inaugurated by General Manager NCR Sri. Arun Sakesna

NCR Rail Net WebSite

Railnet WebSite of North Central Railways Inaugurated by General Manager NCR Sri. Arun Sakesna

SAG Training

SAG Training Inaugurated by General Manager NCR Sri. Arun Sakesna
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